Lynx | INFJ | 24 | Taken | Capricorn | OSDD-1b | Local Queer Femby | Kinnie | One of the admins of @SayoAntiLesSep | CSA Survivor | Marta Lualdi lover

My primary pronouns are she/her, they/them, and ve/vir/virs! However my pronouny also has all applicable pronouns for me! ^^

If you need help with self care, I recommend checking out this carrd!

The card for tone signifies is also useful.

My backup is here by the way!

Hi! My name is Lynx. I have BPD, Aspergers, NVLD, GAD, Sensory Processing Disorder, PTSD, OSDD-1b, and Social Anxiety.

I sometimes experience age dissociation.

If you feel I've blocked you accidently, feel free to get a friend to DM me or DM me on an alt! I follow multiple blocklists and chains, so please do not take it personally : ( I block over 200k people ><

I am not sure if I'm pan, lesbian, or a pan lesbian! It's extremely complicated since I know I am not attracted to men but I am attracted to other ppl regardless of gender exluding men, so it is extremely complex and I don't understand myself. : (

Please DM me if you're going to break mutuals, and tell me why! Being blocked/sb'd makes me feel like I did something wrong and I want to know how to better myself, so please, please DM me about why!

My sun sign is Capricorn, my moon sign is Gemini, and my rising is Sagittarius!
I do commissions for Graphic edits such as Twitter Banners, icons, and some other various graphic design related subjects!
I also make youtube videos!
(Sorry about all the links, ahaha~)

I will block panphobes on contact. Screw you guys.

Yes I'm a non-binary catgender pan lesbian, and no you can't stop me from identifying as such. If you're against pan lesbians then you're a bigot!

My twpf has slightly more info.

Thanks for reading!

Here are my supports! AKA mutuals : P




I block exclusionists and pluralphobes (pluralphobes being ppl who hate systems!)! You're not wanted here. Go away.

Another thing:

I have blocked a huge amount of twitter accounts (over 350k) through both blocklists and chains, if you believe I've blocked you in error feel free to DM me on an alt or have a friend DM me and I'm willing to unblock as long as you don't fit in the criteria below!

do not follow if:

1. You're a TERF, transphobe, racist, nbphobic, etc.
2. You post any irl porn. I don't want to see that.
3. You associate positively with Nehara from the Tales of community (she's on discord, wikia, reddit, etc, and has groomed a minor into adulthood in the Tales of Rays/Link discord)
4. You associate positively with Tangletalon38 (known by many other names, like LunarsStorm, Tangle38, and others).
5. You associate positively with BonPaladin. (He abused me from when I was ~13-16)
6. You associate positively with @dumshiba or @shibabaaka on twitter.
7. You associate positively with @yaboiphi (Shigumai) on twitter (he's also on discord & is being groomed by Nehara, I tried to help him out of that abusive relationship for years and it triggers me to try and deal w/ him as long as he is still being abused by her)
8. You associate positively with uncorruptedchampion on tumblr (AKA Rei, she's a transphobe and sends CSA survivors r//pe pics because she's fucking insane... also has deadnamed nice trans ppl I know)
9. You stan homestuck (appreciating it is okay, I just don't want to see it often, if at all, on my timeline.)
10. You stan/like Jasper from Steven Universe and will get offended if I call her abusive.
11. You hate Monika, Yuri, Marta Lualdi, Shana, Hitagi, or any characters I love and relate to immensely.
12. You love shimoneta, and love Anna (who is not accurate to yandere portrayal, yanderes would never sexually assault someone they love).
13. You're a brony or pegasister. ( Mainly please just don't post MLP images or have an MLP icon around me, thank you! )
14. You're an Anastasia (from idolmaster) or Kaoru (from bang dream) stan.
15. You're an anti vaxxer. Anti vaxxers are dangerous to autistic people, and I am autistic. Please go away.
16. You're against they/them lesbians, Bi Lesbians, Pan Lesbians, nonbinary lesbians, or have other exclusionary beliefs. Not all bi or pan lesbians are attracted to men, either. If you need more info there's a good masterpost on SayoAntiLesSep's twitter!
17. You defend Venus (@enbyjotaro / comradevenustas) and Lilly (@CommanderLilly) for abusing UmbralReaver, Umbral has attempted suicide multiple times because of those two and their smear campaign. Please do not argue with me on this, just leave us all alone.
18. You follow @Damien_Halofire on twitter, aka damienhalofire on twitch. He's a transphobe and victim blamer. gross. probably one of the ugliest cis men I've seen bar trump lol
19. You'll defend Vic Mignogna or ProJared and refuse to just drop the subject around me.
20. You follow Yurisica on twitch (formerly known as Sera)... she sent me r**pe porn while I was trying to recover from my escape from my r-pist and definitely stunted my healing.

ask before following if:

1. You know me IRL.
2. Your IRL name is Eric, Amanda, Keith, Nash, Chris or Brittany.
3. You go by the name "Sera", "Cinderella", "Rei", "Nero", or "Xto".
4. You stan Moca or Kaoru from Bang Dream! Girl's Band Party and/or have an icon of them.

These may change (AKA be added onto) at any time.

something to note:

I'm an adult, so if you feel uncomfortable following adults or having them follow you, I recommend not following me! I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable, and as a csa survivor I also can occassionally be hypersexual. I try to avoid acting as such on main, however if I ever do so at any point feel free to tell me to move that sort of talk to my private accounts! ^^




Other favs

1. why do you have so many kin

because I do.
next question

2. You're half italian, are you fluent in italian?


3. cats or ferrets?

if you make me choose I will cry


Please put a trigger warning tag before any of these! The squicks aren't as important, but please do it for my triggers! Everything here is things I relate to my experience with either sexual or mental abuse. Please be careful.


  • MLP / My Little Pony

  • Shimoneta

  • DanMachi

  • Nehara / Amanda

  • CSA

  • Homestuck

  • Damien Halofire

  • BonPaladin / Eric

  • Yurisica

  • Anything related to Markiplier (yes that includes unus annus)

  • Kaoru Seta

  • Moca Aoba

  • Rin Hoshizora

  • Anastasia (IdolMaster)

  • Harm to cats

  • @Enbyjotaro / @LoveVenus

  • Noncon/CSA/CoCSA

  • ( Basically anyone under the Do Not Follow If tbh )


  • Hate on YukiLisa / YukiLisaSayo

  • Hate on yanderes

  • Hating any of my kins tbh


Names here:

  • Marta Lualdi

  • Rika Furude

  • Asuna Yuuki

  • Yukina Minato

  • Kuroyukihime (from Accel World)

  • Shana (from Shakugan no Shana)

  • Yuno Gasai

  • Rena Ryuuguu

  • Kazuki Kazami

  • Nico Yazawa

  • Maki Nishikino

  • Yohane (AKA Yoshiko Tsushima)

  • Lisa Imai

  • Mai Sakurajima

  • Okita Souji

  • Kiyohime (from Fate Grand Order)

  • Illyasviel von Einzbern

  • Kaede Fuyou

  • Sayo Hikawa

  • Maya Yamato

  • Lisa Imai

  • Emilia (from Re Zero)

  • Rise Kujikawa

  • Rushia Uruha

More here!

I also have comfort ships!

  • YukiLisa

  • YukiLisaSayo

  • RinAko

  • Shana x Yoshida Kazumi

  • Yumiko Sakaki x Sachi Komine

  • NicoMaki